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Ok, so I'm sorry I haven't been blogging for a while, its just one of those things I just never got round to doing, but now I'm back. A quick re-cap last season on our small family shoot it all went well, even my young wayward lab worked like an old trooper, it was a pleasure to take her out. She worked alongside my springer Tanner and  Penny, my old lab who is close to retiring, but who still loves to go for a day out. The old girl is as she has always been very steady and you can trust her to get the job done, her only problem now is she is going deaf so its close retrieves only as she cant hear the whistle at a distance plus I dont want to over work her, but she enjoys her days and long may they last.

We seem to have a few pensioners on our shoot, and I dont just mean the guns, although we have a few of them. A very elderly lab comes with his gun, he bumbles around and picks the odd bird but you can see his delight at doing his job, you would swear he was smiling.

Talking about older dogs, when we went t the Blackcombe country fair last year, the wind was so bad we couldn't put our stand up, after several failed attempts we put it all back in the van and decided to enjoy th show instead. They run a gun dog trial so confident with my lot I entered them all. First up was Tanner, she works on game superbly but dummies can be a whole different ball game, and that day she wasn't for playing. Second up the young lab Check, she did ok, no where near fast enough but she did complete. Then I took the old lady, not being very hopeful as it was very windy and the old girl is going deaf we set off, she was brilliant, and took third place against some very speedy sorts. I was so proud of her. So we didn't make any money that day but we had a really good day out, and lookforward to this years event,

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