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What a great day we had at the Lakeland Country Fair on the 16th August, the weaather was really kind to us this year and people came from far and wide. They were not dissapointed with events that took place continually throughout the day, from childrens races, fell pony demonstration, fun dog classes aswel as the hound, terrier and lurcher classes but the best of the best is the horn blowing competition. They have three classes, children, ladies and men. M any people put themselves up for a go, many hve never blown a horn before and the resulting efforts can be a squeek or a dull sounding raspberry much to thee amusement of the crowd to a long haunting blow from the better competitors. When there is a tie, they have a 'blow off' it could only happen in the lakes. We are treated to the wonderful sound of a hunting horn being blown by some great hunt supporters, it really was brilliant to listen to. 

When this is all over the fun continues with the terrier racing, again such fun, these nippy little characters going like the clappers of doom down the field to catch a rag. The rag is attached to a rope which in turn is attaced to a rotating drum turned by a very brave guy, a couple of hay bails are placed in front of the drum and the rag should slip in behnd them.The rag  is drawn accross the field with the terriers in hot pursuit  part of the fun is watching the guy on the wheel trying to get the rag before the dogs and keep all his fingers at the same time. Some of those terriers could really shift, the wheel man managed to keep all his fingers and the crowd loved it. All in all it was a great day out. 

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