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As old as you feel, well thats a good question, how old is old, some days it could be 150 then others its 65 but always in my mind  I'm 21 , but my body knows the truth. I just wonder at what age did I start to grunt when I lifted something off the floor, pretty sure I didnt do it before, I notice hubby does it too he's older than me so must be an age thing, talking about the floor, it sure does seem further away than it used to be, has it moved?  are my eyes deceiving me? or is it that age thing agan?

You go to th doctors for something or other they tell you it's your age, I got that answer when I was a kid and when I was a teenager seem to remember something similar in my late forties, I wonder if there's an age when its not your age?

Mind you there are advantages to getting older, not many but some. You can have a nod after your evening meal and nobody says a word, wouldn't have got away with that in my twenties.

You can take your time getting to your peg and no-one chivvies you along,  younger members might even offer to carry you gear, sweet.

So its all in the mind, keep on thinking your in your twenties, ignore your aches and pains and enjoy life, whatever your age is 

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