Climbing the walls ?

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Well here we are and here we're staying for however long it takes. This is now day 51 not thats it's been much different to day 50 or 45 or any other day for that matter. The good thing, if there is a good thing about the lockdown is all those jobs that I've been meaning to do but never got round to, are now done. Every cupboard, drawer and hidden space is tidy and free from rubbish, the garage is full of stuff to go to the tip, charity shop etc, all bagged and clearly labeled, but it can wait there until whenever, its doing no harm.

The garden isn't over big but is looking really tidy, ready for my seedlings to plant out, and Clives got the veg garden  looking a treat, thank goodness for rhubarb, I never thought I'd be saying that, but you cant beat a rhubarb crumble. I know how lucky we are to have an open space, I really would be climbing the walls if I didnt. 

Thursday nights are good, its good to show our appreciation to those who are carrying on and doing their much needed jobs, so to those people whoever you are, thank you. We go out and  wave to our neighbours clap like mad then have a sing along if the guys up the road play their fiddles, its a good feeling of community in these strange times.

In and and amongst all this I am doing a bit of work, new ideas, new gifts, hopefully we'll be able to start up again soon, but I cant see us doing any shows this year, time will tell.

Anyway guys you all take care and stay safe

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