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Well here we go again, am I surprised, no not really, am I worried yes I guess I am. What I can't understand is why a certain portion of the population insist on breaking the rules, or they think the rules/laws don't include them. Whats up with them, are they so self centered, so selfish that the rest of humanity isn't worth a thought, do they not have relatives or friends who may be at risk? why do they continue to  play russian roulette with their relatives and friends lives.

While I'm on my soap box, isn't about time the media got behind the government to stress the need to follow the rules/laws and not to keep nit picking abut them. They really get my goat when they whinge and whine about the  the tiers, they should be higher, they should be lower, for goodness sake this is an ongoing virus it changes on a daily basis so, so must the rules. I suppose country folk are used to constantly changing tack, we cant control the weather so we adjust each day to deal with it out. So please the media get a grip stop being negative and trying to drag down the government, its not you (thank goodness) who has the pressure of making a decision, you are there to report facts and not give your opinion.

On a brighter note, with a wonderful effort from the scientist a vaccine is being rolled out, I'll be in the cue, having spent most of 2020 sheltering and back there again, I hope this works for the benefit of all human kind all over the world. Please stay safe and keep to the rules.

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