Summers arrived

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It was only last week when it was cold and horrible, we even put the heating on for a hour or so at night as it got quite chilled. This week what a different story the t-shirts are getting their first airing, the flowers are  blooming in the garden. The dogs come in dry and happy and the chucks have gone into overtime with their egg production. People are in better moods, troubles don't seem half has bad when there's a bit of sunshine about and bones don't ache just as much. Will it last? I really hope so, with shows coming up it makes for a better day with a bit of sunshine. We'll be at Great Harwood Agricultural show on Bank Holiday monday, I really love these type of shows, at bit of something for everyone whatever their age. If you're in the area come along and say hello, check out our range of gifts, mugs, tee-shirts, kitchen items and lots more, just like the show we offer something for everyone and at the right price too!

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