Black Combe Country Fair

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       Bank holiday monday, an early start we set off to the Black Combe Country Fair at Bootle Cumbria as we went further up the coast the wind was getting stronger and the rain began to fall.Oh no, not again another wet soggy show!. We arrived to find hardly anyone had turned out, not surprising considering the weather, it was pretty awful. A cup of coffee later (we always take a flask for when we arrive), and yep, the show has been called off, due to the every increasing wind speed.

       The dogs get a quick run, then we give the committee a lift with one of their marquees that looked like it was ready for take off, then it's back in the van and back down the A595 home.

        The sad note about this is that the Black Combe Beagles who run and organise this very, very good country fair really do need the support of the show to help fund the running of the pack. This year I think things are going to be tight for them, I really do wish them well and hope they can find funds from other directions. So if you fancy a good day out and you live in their area, go along and see what beagling is all about, they'll be pleased to see you, and will fill you in, on the ins and outs of beagling.

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