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Here we go again, our shooting season has started in earnest, we've already had a syndicate day, this was a very enjoyable day, we have a few new syndicate members this year and it looks like their going to be a good team. To my delight and surprise my young labrador 'Check' behaved well and even picked three birds, much to the disgust of Tanner my little springer, she was really put put out when I sent Check to pick up and not her. She didn't sulk for long though, as she had to do a fair bit of work in the game crops and later did some good retrieves in the woods. I wasn't risking sending the youngster in the woods, patience is a virtue so people say and with this young lady I am being very patient.

The new guns are a pleasant lot and seemed to mix well with the old hands, mind you one of them had a fair bit of stick when it took him twenty two shots before he actually got a bird on one of the drives. There was all the usual banter and leg pulling going on, but I think he got more than his fair share. Lunch went down well. I did a thick vegetable soup with bakery bread and lots of homemade cakes, simple but good food.

At the end of the day the bag total was around sixty, which was fine for a first day, I know they had been a bit choosey and not taking anything that was a bit young. Overall the day was a success, the guns had a good time, the beaters had a lot of fun and it didn't even rain, brill !


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