Lazy summer days?

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Well at long last the sun has begun to shine, farmers are going mad detaching grass from the roots. Haytime always seemed a thankless task, when my parents had their farm, I seemed to spend all summer tossing bales about and jamming them in the barn, and always in sweltering heat. then when winter came you would spend a good deal of time dragging the bales out again, hay for feed and straw for beddding, then when the beasts had proccesed it you had to muck out, then spread thewhole lot back onto the fields, and before you knew it,  it was back to summer and it all started again. I reckon farmers don't get enough recognition for their tireless duty to our country side.

It always makes me chuckle when you hear people from outside the country way of life, say things like "what an idyllic way of life" or " I would like to move to the country side and have a few sheep, a cow, a pig etc etc, it must be lovely to grow your own", I guess their rose tinted glasses would soon be off, after the winter we've just been through. I know some make it, but the majority don't, I always remember friends  from the city coming to stay at the farm, and they'd complain it was too noisy with the cockerals crowing early doors, or next doors love sick donkey braying late into the night. I guess it's each to their own, as long as they don't try to change the country way of life, they can come and visit with pleasure. Well thats my ramble over for today, and yes I did close the gate behind me.

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