Aughton Pudding Festival

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Bank holiday monday and the sun was shinning. We set off to Aughton a small village near Lancaster, normally we'd be heading to the Blackcombe Country Fair, but as the Aughton Pudding Festival is only held every 21years we decided to go there instead.

The setting was a delight with views down the Lune Valley, and as I've already said the weather was just superb. We got the stand set up and ready for people to arrive and golly did they arrive. I don't think I've seen as many people at a small show. There seemed to be things for the visitors to watch and take part in and of course the pudding arrived at lunch time. This is not an ordinary pudding they actually mix it in a concrete mixer! and it is a huge great tin bath for wont of a better description.

I dont think this years pudding was a record breaker, though Aughton do hold the guiness world record for the largest fruit pudding (this was set at the last gathering on 1992), but it sure went down well with the visitors as I believe they sold out by the end of the day.

Yes it was a good day, we met lots and lots of people some we knew some we didn't, and we were glad to have gone there, afterall we won't be trading in 21 years time, we will to be nicely retired by then, and maybe in 2034 we can just go along and enjoy the day on our zimmer frames and mobility scooters


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